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    Best VMC 850 CNC Milling Machine

    VMC850 is a vertical CNC milling machine also called vertical machining center. TAICNC is a manufacturer specializing in the production of VMC850. Our VMC850 CNC milling machine is affordable and can meet the processing needs of various industries. It is your ideal CNC machining partner.

  • VMC850 CNC Milling Machine Technical Specifications

    VMC 850 CNC milling machine is a specification of CNC milling machine,
    At TAICNC our model is called TC-855, and our technical parameters are actually better than VMC 850.

    Technical Parameters 



    • Working Surface: 1000x550mm
    • T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance): 5x18x100mm
    • Max. table load: 600kg


    • Longitudinal Travel X: 800mm
    • Cross Travel Y: 550mm
    • Headstock Travel Z: 550mm
    • Distance from spindle nose to table:120-670mm
    • Distance from spindle center to Z-axis guide-way: 580mm


    • Spindle nose: BT40(Φ155)
    • Spindle speed: 12,000rpm/min
    • Mechanism of transmission: Direct Type


    • Cutting feed: 1-1,0000mm/min 
    • Rapid traverse: 48,000mm/min

    Auto Tool Changer

    • Tool holder: Arm type
    • Tool storage capacity: 24 set
    • Max. tool diameter: 150mm
    • Max. tool length: 300mm
    • Max. tool weight: 8kg
    • Tool to Tool: 2sec


    • Spindle motor output: 7.5kw
    • Drive motors X, Y, Z Axis: 2.0/2.0/3.0kw

    Machine Space & Weight

    Floor space (Length x Width x Height):

    • 2650 X 2560 X 2550mm 

    Net weight:

    • 5600kg

    Pneumatic pressure: 6 kgf/cm²
    Voltage level: According to demand

    Standard | Optional Accessorie

      • SYNTEC 22MA controller
      • SYNTEC Servo motor and driver
      • Z axis Box way: Only included
      • Central automatic lubrication system
      • Tools and toolbox
      • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
      • Work lamp
      • Tri-colored lamp guard
      • Airgun
      • Cooling liquid tank
      • X/Y/Z slide way extension protecting cover
      • Horizontal adjustment block and screw
      • Wire-control hand wheel
      • USB/RS232 interface
      • Spindle ring coolant nut
      • Mechanical and electrical instructions


      • Other CNC controller
      • Belt type 8000rpm/min Spindle
      • Chain type chip conveyor
      • Air conditioner for the electrical box
      • Automatic probe system
      • Calibrator system
      • 4-axis NC rotary table
      • 5-axis NC rotary table
    • VMC850 CNC Milling Machine Features

      TAICN VMC850 CNC milling machine has very good performance, let's take a look at what makes it unique.

      Best casting materials and structural design

      Best casting materials and structural design

      • The major structural parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron (GB 300A+), tempered for stress relief with hardness over 190HB.
      • The base is mounted with high precision linear ways with high feed rate, allowing the machine to perform high-speed cutting. We also offer a choice of block rail structure, which is a must for heavy milling.
      • Ensure optimum stability when performing heavy cutting.
      Large span column design is stable and sturdy

      Large span column design is stable and sturdy

        • VMC 850 Vertical CNC Milling Machine(VMC machine) features a long-span column design that increases machine stability and reduces vibration during machining. 
        • The box-shaped structure has a large span A-pillar with high rigidity to ensure stability during processing.
        The thickened honeycomb fuselage structure

        The thickened honeycomb fuselage structure

            • The X / Y / Z axis uses high-precision, high-speed linear guides for smooth motion, fast speed, low vibration, low noise, and high precision.
            • Thickened honeycomb base: This structural design makes the vertical CNC mill base more stable during the actual production process, thus reducing machine vibration.
            The thickened honeycomb fuselage structure

            Powerful milling spindle

                  • Equipped with a powerful belt spindle or a high-speed direct spindle, you can also choose a heavy-duty milling gear spindle to perfectly meet your various manufacturing needs.
                  • The short arm spindle structure design can provide greater axial thrust and reduce heat.
                  Precision Ball Screws and Guides

                  Precision Ball Screws and Guides

                        • VMC850 CNC milling machine adopts German Rexroth roller guide, which has better rigidity and stability.
                        • The ball screw also uses the highest grade. Has a long service life.
                        • The assembly process is completely completed according to the TAICNC SOP work standard.
                        Efficient automatic tool changer

                        Efficient automatic tool changer

                              • Servo ATC, two-way type, random tool selection.
                              • Tool change can be  quickly accomplished in only 2 seconds(tool to tool)
                              • The maximum tool capacity is 24PCS, and there are more custom options.
                              • The latest design has adopted a fully enclosed tool magazine, which is beautiful in appearance and does not entangle iron filings.
                              Choice of 4 or 5 axes

                              Choice of 4 or 5 axes

                                    • Choosing 4-axis or 5-axis can reduce the number of clamping of parts during your processing and improve processing efficiency.
                                    • We are all equipped with well-known brands of 4-axis or 5-axis, with good precision and stability.
                                    • Turn your VMC850 CNC milling machine into a VMC850 4-axis machining center or a VMC850 5-axis machining center
                                    Quality assurance

                                    Quality assurance

                                            • We have strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quality management.
                                            • Each vertical CNC mill uses a precision laser unit to detect triaxial accuracy, including linear positioning, positioning, accuracy, pitch error, and backlash, etc.
                                            • Use a ball bar tester is employed for inspecting servo accuracy, static and dynamic geometric errors.
                                          • VMC850 Milling Machine Manufacturer Sales Price

                                            The price of VMC850 milling machine is the concern of every customer. Get your VMC850 price now.

                                            VMC850 CNC milling machine actually has three specifications, corresponding to different spindle forms, spindle speed, and guide rail forms.

                                            The following is just an approximate price of the VMC850 milling machine. Due to the unstable price of raw materials, the price of the VMC850 milling machine may change at any time. Please contact us for a specific quote.

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                                            For individual users



                                            SYNTEC 22MA controller

                                            Belt type 8000rpm/min Spindle

                                            24-bit Automatic tool changer

                                            XY axis linear guide
                                            Z axis box way


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                                            For team users



                                            SYNTEC 22MA controller

                                            12,000rpm/min Direct Type Spindle

                                            24-bit Automatic tool changer

                                            XYZ axis roller linear guide

                                            broken image


                                            For team users



                                            SYNTEC 22MA controller

                                            Belt type 8000rpm/min Spindle

                                            24-bit Automatic tool changer

                                            XYZ axis box way

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                                          • VMC 850 CNC Milling Machine FAQ

                                            Do you fully understand the VMC850 CNC milling machine? Here are some frequently asked questions about the VMC850 milling machine.