Milling Machine VS Machining Center

Do you know much about milling machines and machining centers? What is the difference between milling machines and machining centers? After reading the following, you will know the difference.

The machining center usually contains the functions of all milling machines. The CNC machining center is equipped with an automatic tool changer (ATC), and the milling machine does not have this function.

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Milling Machine VS Machining Center

CNC machining center is controlled by CNC controller, using servo motor to drive XYZ three shafts. It also has an automatic tool changing device which can improve the machining efficiency of CNC machine. the biggest difference between CNC machining center and CNC mill is automatic tool changing device.

There are many types of milling machines. From the degree of automation, we can divide them into manual milling machines and CNC milling machines. They all have the same functions of milling, drilling and tapping. Manual milling machines are cheaper, but the work efficiency and accuracy are not high. CNC mill features high efficiency, high precision and high stability

Machining Center

Being simplistic i'd say a milling machine is manually operated whilst the machining centre is generally computer controlled or automated!

Machining center and milling machine have different shapes

The milling machine we introduce here is a vertical milling machine. It is manually operated and open. The machining center is fully enclosed by the CNC controller. Compared to the milling machine, the milling machine looks simple.

The machining center can be equipped with a CNC rotary table to realize the functions of 4 or 5 axes, while the CNC milling machine has only the functions of X, Y and Z.


Machining centers and milling machines have their own advantages. If you are a hobby, you can choose a manual milling machine. If you have high requirements on parts, you can choose CNC mill or vertical machining center, they can bring you more benefits.
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