How Much Does a CNC Machine Cost

How Much Does a CNC Machine Cost? This is a question that many customers who buy CNC machines care about. Are you caring about it while you are browsing this blog? Today, let's talk about the cost of CNC machines.

CNC machine core components

CNC machine category

Whether you are an amateur or a CNC machine practitioner, you should know that there are many types of CNC machines, such as CNC mills, CNC lathes, CNC routers, etc.

CNC machine tools are very cool, almost every amateur wants to have it, but its cost is relatively high, so many people choose manual machine tools, let's take a look at the approximate price of CNC machines on the market.

  • Hobbyist-grade CNC router    $1k-3k
  • Professional CNC router    $5k-100k
  • Entry-level (or toolroom) 3-axis 
  • vertical machining center    $30k-100k
  • Production 3-axis 
  • vertical machining center    $50k-300k
  • Entry-level 5-axis mill    $200k-500k
  • Production 5-axis mill    $500k+
  • Entry-level (or toolroom) 
  • 2-axis lathe    $30k-60k
  • Production 2-axis lathe    $60k-250k
  • Multi-axis multi-spindle 
  • multi-turret vicious beast
  • of a lathe with robot    $500k+
Small CNC machine

These are just rough calculations. The price of different sizes of CNC machines varies from brand to brand. When choosing a CNC machine, we should consider our actual manufacturing needs more.

For example, if your part size is small, TAICNC's small CNC machine or CNC tapping center can meet your needs, but you only need to spend less cost and why not? Their price range is 35K~50K, you have many optional items.

Factors that determine the cost of CNC machines

CNC machines can cost just a few thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for very intricate machines. This obviously depends on the size, complexity, and functionality of each machine. There are also ancillary tools and pieces of important equipment that must be purchased separately to use with the machine, although some complete CNC machine packages may come with the most necessary components to produce basic materials.

CNC machine spindle

You may have noticed that these price ranges are quite large. The following are the main factors affecting the cost of CNC machines:

  • CNC machine size (X, Y, Z area)
  • CNC machine weight (heavy frame to ensure machine stability)
  • Spindle speed (faster speed = better accuracy)
  • Movement speed (faster movement speed for higher efficiency)
  • Power (size of the servo motors, spindle torque)
  • Automatic tool changer (it is very important whether it is a machining center or a turning center)
  • Country of Manufacture (Korea, China, Taiwan vs Japan, Germany)
  • Options (such as automatic chip removal system, detection system, oil mist collector, bar conveyor, etc.)
  • Multi-axis (for example, the machining center can choose 4 or 5 axes, and the turning center can be selected for turning and milling)

All these factors have caused the cost difference of CNC machines. China has a better advantage in the cost of CNC machines, but China's CNC machines are not cheap.

There are many options for different jobs in CNC machines.

Different types of CNC machines cost differently.So for answering this question, you need to ask yourself first. What kind of material do you want to process by a CNC machine? What kinds of work you want to do by a CNC machine?

  • If you want to process stone, you’d better choose a CNC machine with big power spindle. If polish, engrave and cut stone, you need an ATC CNC machine with servo mechanical spindle.
  • If process metal, the milling machine with special spindle is your best choice.
  • If only making many kinds of furniture, the normal spindle can do the work well.
  • Those are only talking about the spindle. You also need to pay attention to other parts like the motors, the guide rails, the positioning cylinder if it’s necessary for your work.

Hobbyist CNC Machines

If you are just an amateur or a personal studio, you don't have to pay a high price to buy a large CNC machine. Our small CNC machine may be your best choice, they take up very little space, and Able to work on most parts, they are very popular.

Do you still think they are too big? I think you need a desktop CNC machine. I recommend the Pocket NC V2 Mini 5-axis CNC Mill. It is computer controlled and very compact. It can be placed anywhere on the desktop. It may be the cheapest 5-axis CNC machine.


No matter which type of CNC machine you need, you should choose them according to your actual needs. After all, they are not a cheap machine. A good CNC machine can bring you unexpected surprises.

What is your actual needs? The size and machining accuracy of the parts are the most direct requirements. Usually we choose CNC machines based on these two factors. What you need to know is that expensive is not necessarily the best, and it is right for you. it's the best.