How much does a small CNC machine cost?

What is the price of a small CNC machine? Read this article and you will learn about the price factors of small CNC machines and how to choose a small CNC machine.

What is the price of a small CNC machine? It is a question that many people care about. Whether you need a small CNC mill or a small CNC lathe, you should first understand their price factors.

Buying a small CNC machine is an expensive investment. Before choosing a small CNC machine manufacturer, we should fully understand it. What kind of small CNC machine is right for you? You will learn about this content.

TAICNC small cnc mahine

What is a small CNC machine?

Small CNC machines usually refer to CNC machines with small external dimensions, also known as mini CNC machines. Small CNC machines are no different in function from ordinary 3-axis CNC machines. Small CNC machines are suitable for personal studios or entrepreneurial companies. Because they are cost effective

Some small CNC machines are controlled by CNC controllers, and some mini CNC machines are controlled by computer software. These two types of control methods have their own advantages. Small CNC machines controlled by CNC controllers are more stable and accurate. Small CNC machine controlled by computer software is easy to operate and cost-effective.

Small CNC machine type

There are many types of small CNC machines. Different types of small CNC machines have different functions. They also manufacture different objects. The choice of small CNC machines depends on their own needs. Small CNC machines have the following types:

  • Mini CNC Mill
  • Small CNC Mill
  • Small CNC Lathe
  • Small CNC Router
  • Small CNC Grinding
  • Small CNC EDM

All types of CNC machines have small, small CNC machines with the advantages of small footprint and low cost. How to choose the small CNC machine that suits you, don't worry, we will explain below.

How much does a small CNC machine cost?

Different types of small CNC machines have different functions. Of course, there are price differences. The origin of CNC machines is also one of the price factors affecting CNC machines. CNC machines made in Europe, America and Japan are usually expensive. CNC machines made in China and Taiwan have Cost-effectiveness

Small CNC Lathe

CNC machines are very cool. Almost every amateur wants to own it, but its cost is relatively high, so many people choose manual machine tools, but manual machine tools have low precision and low efficiency. In fact, we can choose small CNC machines. Look at its price range:

  • Mini CNC Mill  $1k-10k
  • Small CNC Mill  $10k-30k
  • Small CNC Lathe  $10k-30k
  • Small CNC Router $3k-30k
  • Small CNC Grinding  $3k-30k
  • Small CNC EDM  $10k-30k

These are just rough calculations. The price of different sizes of CNC machines varies from brand to brand. When choosing a CNC machine, we should consider our actual manufacturing needs more.

Factors that determine the cost of small CNC machines

You may have noticed that these price ranges are quite large. The following are the main factors affecting the cost of CNC machines:

  • CNC machine size (X, Y, Z area)
  • CNC machine weight (heavy frame to ensure machine stability)
  • Spindle speed (faster speed = better accuracy)
  • Movement speed (faster movement speed for higher efficiency)
  • Power (size of the servo motors, spindle torque)
  • Automatic tool changer (it is very important whether it is a machining center or a turning center)
  • Country of Manufacture (Korea, China, Taiwan vs Japan, Germany)
  • Options (such as automatic chip removal system, detection system, oil mist collector, bar conveyor, etc.)
  • Multi-axis (for example, the machining center can choose 4 or 5 axes, and the turning center can be selected for turning and milling)
Small CNC machine Spindle

All these factors have caused the cost difference of CNC machines. China has a better advantage in the cost of CNC machines, but China's CNC machines are not cheap.

How to choose a small CNC machine

There are so many choices for different work of a CNC machine. If you want to process stone, you’d better choose a CNC machine with big power spindle. If polish, engrave and cut stone, you need an ATC CNC machine with servo mechanical spindle.

If process metal, the milling machine with special spindle is your best choice. If only making many kinds of furniture, the normal spindle can do the work well.

Those are only talking about the spindle. You also need to pay attention to other parts like the motors, the guide rails, the positioning cylinder if it’s necessary for your work.

So for answering this question, you need to ask yourself first. What kind of material do you want to process by a CNC machine? What kinds of work you want to do by a CNC machine?


No matter what kind of small CNC machine you choose, you can use it skillfully, it will bring you surprises. Of course, when choosing a small CNC machine, we should also refer to some of the factors mentioned above.

All of TAICNC's small CNC machines are manufactured in China. We are committed to providing affordable CNC machines to our customers around the world. If you need a small CNC machine, you may wish to check out our products and get a quote for CNC machines.