difference between horizontal and vertical milling machine

Milling is the most common metalworking process. Milling includes vertical milling and horizontal milling. They require two different milling machines, vertical milling machine, and horizontal milling machine.

Difference between horizontal and vertical milling machine is a concern of many people. Read the following to understand the difference between horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine.

What is a vertical milling machine?

There are two popular types of vertical mill. One of these is the bed-milling machine which is set up in such a way that the spindle is allowed to move parallel to its own axis only, while the table is contrastingly allowed to move perpendicular to the axis of the spindle. On the other hand, the set up the current mill is such that the spindle stays stationary during cutting operations while the table is allowed to move in both the perpendicular and vertical directions to the axis of the spindle. Although this mill is smaller than the bed-milling machine, this is considered as the more versatile type.

The vertical milling machine has the following categories:

  • Manual vertical milling machine(Manual control, poor accuracy and stability)
  • CNC vertical milling machine(Driven by servo motor, CNC controller control has the advantages of high accuracy and high reliability.)
  • CNC Double column vertical milling machine(Suitable for processing large parts, it is very convenient to load and unload workpieces)
Manual milling machine

Manual milling machines have poor accuracy and stability, and the processing range is limited. It is not suitable for mass production of parts. CNC milling machines have higher repeatability and reliability, are very suitable for batch processing of parts, and can process large parts. CNC double column milling machine Specialized in the work that CNC milling machines can't do, mainly processing large parts, used in automotive, aerospace and other fields.

Vertical Milling Machine Video

The video below demonstrates the outstanding performance of the CNC vertical mill, which can complete the machining of parts in one go according to the set program. This is a 4 axis CNC milling machine.

What is a horizontal milling machine?

Horizontal milling machine has an axle or cutters mounted on a level arbor over an X-Y table. Some level plants have a table, known as the general table, that components a turning capacity for machining at various edges. Even plants are ideal for machining heavier pieces in light of the fact that the cutters have to bolster from the arbor and in addition a greater cross-segment zone than a vertical plant. The plan of the horizontal milling machine takes into account the quick expulsion of material off of the piece one is machining. These sorts of processing machines can extend in measure from something sufficiently little to fit on a tabletop to room-sized machines.

The horizontal milling machine has the following categories:

horizontal milling machine

Manual horizontal milling machine is cheap and easy to operate, but it is not suitable for batch processing parts. CNC horizontal milling machine has better precision and stability for batch processing parts. It uses CNC controller to control servo motor drive and can be configured with automatic tool change. Device improves processing efficiency.

Horizontal Milling Machine Video

This video demonstrates the work of the CNC horizontal mill. You can see that it performs the set work efficiently and stably. We only need to write the CNC program, it can be executed automatically, including automatic tool change.

Vertical Milling Machine VS Horizontal Milling Machine

Both types of milling machines have their merits, and the choice of between the two depends entirely on the kind of milling that needs to be done.

The number of planes on which a piece needs to be worked, as well as the shape and size of the piece, are major factors in deciding whether the milling is more suited to vertical or horizontal milling.

Heavier items and those that need to be worked on multiple sides lend themselves more readily to horizontal milling, while work such as sinking dies is best suited for a vertical milling machine. Many items, however, can be worked on either type of milling machine by using the correct techniques.

Vertical milling machines and horizontal milling machines can be controlled by CNC. If you are a manufacturer, we recommend a more efficient CNC vertical mill or CNC horizontal mill, which has higher precision and reliability.


Whether you need vertical milling machines or horizontal milling machines, you need to choose the parts you need to machine. If you are amateurs, we recommend manual milling machines. If it is a manufacturing company, we recommend CNC milling machines. At this stage, the market is competitive. We all need to continuously improve production efficiency and reduce the production cost of the enterprise. The CNC mill can accurately and stably complete the scheduled work.

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